Code Samples
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Android Game (LibGDX, 2D Game) related code implementations. (All samples are from the developer's apps. Codes would not be optimized for the other apps or circumstances.)
Android game developement prepartion for LibGDX game engine.
Create graphics, images, and sprites for the game by using freely available tools.
Prepare game strories before start to code, and create basic game screens (and/or basic graphics and sprites).
HUD screen will display game status, player score, and dialog messages.
code Sprites.
Create and display sprite objects.
Create Box2D body objects, used for main game player, static or dynamic game objects.
Move game objects by using various player input methods.
Detects and handles the game objects collisions.
How to exchange data between LibGDX and android systems; save game status data, getting data from/to android systems.