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Road Trip Preparations
It has been a long time dream, and the circumstances are met to me.
Without a good plan and with no budget plan, it has to be started before it is too late.
However, some basic preparation is absolutely required.
Now, I'm officially homeless, but having a beautiful home which could be moved on demand.
All the road trips will be very relaxed and no hurry on driving nor riding.
Sometimes, me and my home will be parked on the one place for a long periods; for the work or the rest.
The road trip has no end schedule for now, and will be continued until I got tired of it.
Transportation Machines (My Home)
RV Ford Fleetwood
Yamaha XT225
Mail, how to get?
My offical mailing address is Post Office Box.
Initially, thought that mail forwarding service would be more than enough.
Got wrong!!! To fix the mail delivery problems, some special service could be arranged.
For more information, see the next few diaries.
Internet, data service
Having the unlimitted data service on my smart phone; yes Android Nexus, as long as there are cell data service I am in good shape for the internet connections.
Some places would not have cell data servies at all, then I have to use WiFi services if they are available during the trip.
As I have to work on my android apps time to time, the reliable internet connection is very important.
If I found that my current smart phone internet service provider is not good enough, then I may have to change the cell provider on the road.
Changing the phone number would be problem, but the Google Phone Number will cover some issues for me.
Road Trip Budget
No budget plan has been made yet.
During the trips, I could guess how much would be sufficient.
When my current budget is bottomed out, then I may have to find some works to fill it up for the next road trips.
My android app's monthly help will be used for mainly on the trip budgets, so I have to try to minimize road movements.
For the small errands and local road touring, the dirt bike will be used at the most. The bike uses much less gas and has almost maintenence free for a good amount of periods.
To help my road trips, please, please do not complain (or bear) my android app's advertisements until the road trips are finished.
Many Other Stuffs
* Food and cooking
* Other monthly static payments; phone, mail services, vehicle registration fee
* RV and Bike: rv park fee, maintenence, gas, insurance
* Major national park entrance fee
* Some health related; fortunately, me is still in good shape for the long trips
* And others which is not counted for now.