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May 29, 2014 - Bear Lake, UT
Driving the fast; speed limit 75-80, freeway wasn't happy for me and my home. So, I decided to use local backroad; at least State Highway.
It was one of the my best life decisions, ha ha ha. The traffic is almost none, and the road sceneries are wonderful. What else do I need to expect for the road trips?
In the way of the road, I found a small lake; compare to the bigger ones, but the length (North - South) of the lake itself is more than 30 miles in my guess.  Bear Lake which is devided in the two states; Utah and Idaho. There are not much activities yet, but good for me to stay a night.
In the early afternoon, I parked at the Rendezvous Beach Campground which is far south side of the lake. And fixed my home water pump finally.
Springville, UT
Bear Lake - from overlook
Bear Lake, UT
Bear Lake - from campground just behind of my home
Bear Lake, UT
Rendezous Beach RV Campground
Bear Lake, UT
Bear Lake, UT
RV Water Pump Fix
Bear Lake, UT
Video - Road sceneries to the Bear Lake.
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