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May 28, 2014 - Busy Day for driving and fixing issues.
In the early morning, left the Duck Creek campground to the way on the next destination; Yellowstone National Park.
Before arriving at the Yellowstone, I need to fix the RV generator as I plan to use dry camping at the park.
The generator had been fixed at the shop (named Birdy's ?) in the city of Springville, UT. The mechanic; Clineton (?) knows well about my brand and took some good care of my generator.
And at the same shop, I bought the RV water pump and it will be fixed the next day by myself.
Long driving and little tired, so decided to stay at the campground near the city. The RV campground I stayed was very unique, small size and hidden behind the mountain.
Springville, UT
Flying J Truck Stop (Springville, UT)
Springville, UT
Fixing RV Generator, he also replaced part of broken fuel line without extra charge for me.
Springville, UT
Canyon View RV Campground
Springville, UT
Springville, UT
Video - Road sceneries to the Springville, UT from Dixie National Forest.
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