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May 31, 2014 - Yellowstone National Park (Day 1)
Finally arrived at the Yellowstone National Park.
After few hours of arriving, the road touring plan at the park had been changed forcefully(?).  Even though it's almost summer season, the weather of park has not been changed much. South part of lakes are still in icy, the snow is still visible around, and the temperature is also icy.
My bike dose not starting because of high elevation (over 2000 meters) and caburator system with thick engine oil.  I made bike to start eventually, but it is not going to start at the next day. My RV generator is not starting well; the latest and newest RV next to my camp site also has problems with generator.
Therfore, the bike road touring in the Yellowstone Park is not going to happen for me.
Road view videos at the bottom.
Next few days will be lots of the sight seeings, many photos would be taken; I will act as a tourist, but I am a tourist after all.
Yellowstone National Park
Just before entering the Yellowstone Park, some view stopped me.
Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone Park - South Enterance, Campground Information
Yellowstone National Park
Bridge Bay Campground
Bridge Bay Campground
Bear Spray
Video - Road sceneries.
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