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June 29 - 30, 2014 - South Carolina (Slower Time)
Experiencing the slowing time while driving....

I had tried to get some local country roads of South Carolina, and did whole day.   Most of road's conditions are very nice, smooth, and low traffics. Trees are all around the roads that I had driven so far.   Wonder what kind of scenery would be at the behind those trees? Small farm lands might be?

Most of time on the road, I could go as slow as I wanted; even local drivers are not mind my slow driving at all, they may be also enjoying the slow driving.   The peoples who I had met are very kind and looks very happy; or no stress at all on their faces.

Not many photos and video recordings; even with slow driving, were taken. I had tried to slow myself, and worked little bit until I entered into the city limit.
South Carolina
South Carolina
South Carolina
Road Scenery (some from video recording)
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South Carolina
South Carolina
South Carolina
Video Clips
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